Bodega Valdevinas

Valdeviñas Winery was created in 1999 by a group of companies involved in agriculture and ecology which, gathered around Mirat S.A., a family business with over 200 years in this field, decided to start a project with firm commitment to quality and exclusivity, based on a combination of the best traditions and the most modern technology.

In Soria, near the boundary with Burgos, is Langa de Duero, a village in the heart of DO Ribera del Duero with great vine and wine tradition (since the Roman rule when it was known as Segontia Lanca). It is here, on 20 hectares of land of river stones and sand at more than 850 m. of altitude, surrounded by vineyards most of them pre-phylloxera more than 100 years old, where we have chosen to settle our small but at the same time great project.

Small because of the size of the winery and vineyards as a guarantee of exclusivity for our wines. Great because of our technology, location, the old vineyards and the land on which the new plantations lay, ensuring the quality of all our wines.

Traditional for following the elaboration methods of the great wines in Bordeaux, adapted to the special characteristics of our grapes with different climate, altitude and soil, but ideal for making high quality wines. Wines of those that can be kept and make history, supported by the most modern technologies used in our winery in order to obtain a continuous control of temperature, humidity and ventilation helping us to manage the development of winemaking and later ageing, with precision and in perfect health conditions. All this combined with the skills of the professionals involved in the care of the vineyards and the making of our wines makes Valdeviñas Winery an exclusive winery that produces an excellent quality wine, unique within Ribera del Duero

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